Atterbury applies its 'Lifestyle Estates' concept in Gauteng and Cape Town

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Atterbury introduces new concept in neigbourhood living

Atterbury has in the past 24 months successfully applied its 'Lifestyle Estate' concept in both Gauteng and Cape Town. The R 40 million Pretoria-based estate, called Woodlands Lifestyle Estate, was sold out in 12 months and the R 65 million Cape-based estate, called Kanonberg Lifestyle Estate, has already reached the 70 % mark.

Atterbury has seen that never before has the market focussed on lifestyle imagery as it does today. From an in-control, healthy & fit Supraden woman sprinting up the stairs to beat the lazy people in the elevator to the top floor... to Nedbank's latest 'approach life differently' campaign - these are only some of the many popular TV ads that focus very much on lifestyle imagery. It is all intoxicating stuff.

And it is not just lifestyle that matters but a lifestyle of leisure. Once the preserve of a lucky few, property developers need to realise that its clients are increasingly expecting concepts that respond to their newfound lifestyle.

People are now expecting a lifestyle experience within their working, shopping and living environments as well.

Kanonberg is an application of Atterbury's trademark concept of a residential living experience - called a 'Lifestyle Estate(tm)'. Living in one of these Estates (the first one was successfully developed in Pretoria - Woodlands Lifestyle Estate(tm)), one could easily find yourself either walking to your own exclusive neighbourhood gymnasium or through one of the many park-like environments which has been created within the neighbourhood.

Unlike golf estates, Atterbury decided to rather focus on applying 'lifestyle layers' onto the traditional neighbourhood. The vision is to recreate neighbourhoods that we were used to when growing and fun to be in.

Five popular and emerging lifestyle expectations are met within Atterbury's estates. 'Being healthy & fit', 'Living close to nature', 'Living secure' and providing fast and easy access to Internet & Mail services are all found within these Estates. Another fast growing expectation amongst our clients is the preference to choose stylish and well-designed neighbourhoods that promote neighbourly interaction. This trend or concept of 'New Urbanism' as it is called overseas, has boomed in the UK and USA. The charm of creating traditional old neighbourhoods is now becoming the preferred design solution for Atterbury's neighbourhoods.

Atterbury sees itself as leaders in the 'leisure led' future as providers of innovative residential estate developments. Kanonberg Lifestyle Estate(tm) and Woodlands Lifestyle Estate(tm) are proof of this. Some of the country's top Lifestyle Estate designers worked with us on Kanonberg and Woodlands.

Henk Boogertman of Boogertman Krige Architects, Gert Gertzen (Interior Designer), Professor Tim Noakes (Sports Scientist) of the SA Sports Science Institute, and Carina Coetzer ('Crime Prevention Through Design' expert) are some of the well-respected individuals that applied their knowledge during the design.

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