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SunWest has made a significant contribution to enhancing the urban environment around GrandWest, and believes that it has fully complied with all of its bid commitments.
SunWest has made a significant contribution to enhancing the urban environment around GrandWest, and believes that it has fully complied with all of its bid commitments.

Over the past two years, the company has invested some R35-million upgrading road infrastructure in Vanguard Drive, Showgrounds Road and Viking Road, and through its involvement in the Vanguard Drive Initiative, has contributed R6-million to the provision of a CCTV surveillance system which is widely acknowledged to have considerably reduced levels of crime in the area.

Additionally, this public safety initiative has seen SunWest fund, at a cost of R3.6-million per annum over the past two years, forty community patrol officers in the neighbourhood, as well as two police vehicles.

However, tackling crime and traffic congestion is only part of SunWest's contribution to urban renewal in the neighbourhood. The company invested a substantial sum in landscaping and beautification in the area, and continues to cover the cost of permanent clean-up teams who operate five days a week in the neighbourhood.

Specifically in respect of the Goodwood station, prior to the opening of GrandWest, the company invested R1-million, as promised, undertaking a meaningful refurbishment of this station, and its immediate surrounds. Additionally, to make the precinct safe, the camera system was extended to the station, and lighting added to footpaths. Beautification, in terms of landscaping and regular clean-ups has also taken place.

However, I wish to make it clear that SunWest, in its application for the casino licence, did not undertake to independently re-develop the station, nor was there any reference in its bid document to the 'Voortrekker Road Triangle'. But as this document will also substantiate, the company offered to help facilitate a commercial development in the precinct, together with other interested parties. To that end, we have been in regular contact with Intersite's Property Management Services, as Kevin Roman will confirm, as he will our willingness to support and facilitate potential development there.

SunWest has thus invested heavily in programmes to enhance the urban environment in this area, sharing as it does with its neighbours a genuine interest in the quality of its environment.

And it will continue to do so.

In terms of the Goodwood station, SunWest remains committed to supporting Intersite's efforts to facilitate development which adds value to the neighbourhood.

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