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Retail Management

The specialist nature of managing a retail property or portfolio, requires a dedicated retail management service.

JHI’s retail property management division comprises teams focused purely on managing retail buildings and shopping malls.

Retail Management

The specialist nature of managing a retail property or portfolio, requires a dedicated retail management service.

JHI’s retail property management division comprises teams focused purely on managing retail buildings and shopping malls. Currently over 30 retail malls with a market value of R2 billion comprising of 600 000m2 are under specialist management.

Key Areas of expertise include:

a.Shopper Profile

JHI will use the research to establish a shopper profile for the property. The research will also establish a profile for:-

  • Location of a centre.
  • Shoppers that frequent and use a mall.
  • Entertainment needs and spend.
  • A demographic understanding of the users of a centre.
  • Attractions to suit demographic needs, peaks in income earnings which are designed to increase the feet and spend in the centre.
This will enable JHI to establish a tenant mix strategy.

b.Tenant Mix

This is one of the most important aspects in ensuring the success of any retail development and requires management involvement not only at the time of development, but also on an on-going basis as new retailers appear in the market and changes take place within existing centres. JHI’s dedicated and specialised teams maintain regular contact with national retailers and work closely with them to ensure that their new product ranges and stores are given the opportunity to contribute towards optimising investment performance.

c.Turnover and Trading Densities

Utilisation of turnover clauses in lease agreements enables JHI to monitor tenant turnovers on a monthly basis. This information is used not only within a specific centre, but also in comparing centre turnovers on a national basis and across the different types of retailers viz clothes, restaurants, etc.

A tenant who is not trading well in comparison to the rest of the centre can be identified at an early stage thereby enabling management to monitor and take appropriate action. This database of trading densities is of tremendous assistance when renewing lease agreements and considering market rental levels for new developments.

JHI will use the information to benchmark turnover and trading densities with retailers to establish reasons for performance or non-performance.

d.Management of and Liaison with Tenants

The appearance and layout of each store is critical to the overall centre. JHI and on-site retail management work closely with tenants regarding shop appearance. This aspect is also addressed together with the centre architects and other professionals at the time of initial negotiation and lease renewal.

Further aspects addressed and discussed with tenants on an on-going basis include:

  • Merchandise presentation;
  • Window displays;
  • Stock levels
  • Product variety and appeal; and
  • Pricing.

e.Promotion and Marketing

JHI has an integral role in setting the strategy relating to promotion and marketing of each retail centre and will arrange for the formation of a Merchants Association for the marketing of the centre in order to keep it ahead of competition.

Management will ensure that the marketing strategy focuses not only on the primary catchment area, but further addresses the secondary and tertiary areas.

Regular promotions, research, advertising and on-site activities form the nucleus of shopping centre marketing. The evaluation of the success of marketing is done by comparing trading densities in consultation with the tenants. In addition, the national/regional marketing teams provide support to on-site staff.

Retail Key Accounts/Consultancy

The retail Key Account Division is focused on sourcing sites, subletting or sale of unprofitable sites, lease negotiations and property administration services. These services maximise JHI’s national network within South Africa and various other African states.

The consultancy service includes:

  • Appointment of Professional Team
  • Centre Design
  • Tenant Mix
  • Research
  • Feasibilities

A dedicated Key Account Manager whose specific task is to ensure that the needs of the client are met, co-ordinates all the expertise within JHI for the benefit of the client, as well as assuring delivery and being responsible for the contract.

For any retail management queries email Ivan Pachonick - the National Director for Retail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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