Syd Halliday

Mr. Syd Halliday is Independent Non-Executive Director at Dipula Income Fund Ltd. and Independent Non-Executive Director at Hospitality Property Fund Ltd.

syd halliday

Mr. Syd Halliday has over 30 years' experience as a lending banker and currently serves on the board of Hospitality Property Fund. He retired from Nedbank in 2004 having held various senior credit risk management positions in the property finance departments of Nefic, Syfrets, Nedcor Investment Bank and Nedbank. He served as the Independent Chairman of Nedbank Corporate Property Finance's main property lending committee up to December 2012.

Mr. Halliday was previously employed as a Principal by Nedbank Ltd., a Principal by Nefic Estates, and a Principal by Syfrets Ltd.

He is on the Board of Directors at Dipula Income Fund Ltd. and Hospitality Property Fund Ltd.

Current Positions
Dipula Income Fund Ltd Independent Non-Executive Director since 2014
Hospitality Property Fund Limited Independent Non-Executive Director since 2013

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