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Narker & Associates- The 10 year story……

Posted On Friday, 20 April 2007 02:00 Published by
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Quantity Surveying & Project Consulting firm Narker & Associates are celebrating their 10 years in business

Quantity Surveying & Project Consulting firm Narker & Associates are celebrating their 10 years in business.

The consulting firm was founded by Osman Narker during April 1997 in Cape Town. Over the last decade, the firm has experienced rapid growth and know has offices in Cape Town, Johannesburg; Kimberley and Dubai.

What makes the celebrations more exciting is that Narker & Associates is an empowerment firm that initially started with humble beginnings and is still significantly black owned and managed.    
Narker stresses that the cornerstone of any consulting business is its people. Every office of Narker & Associates is well resourced with experienced quantity surveyors and project managers. Every project in their offices will have partner involvement who ultimately takes responsibility for the project. Because of the size of the various offices, the firm provides a congenial environment for staff to grow and prosper with the firm.

Narker & Associates pride themselves in having an excellent compliment of staff that have contributed immensely to the growth of the firm. Narker states that their staff have been instrumental in the success of the firm and that he hopes that some of these staff members eventually progress to become partners in the business in the near future.
Narker points out that the real reason for the celebrations is to say thank you to their Clients that have over the years been extremely loyal. There is an exhaustive list of Clients but some notable ones that spring to mind are: BP; Vodacom; Media 24; M-Net; Department of Public Works; Provincial Government; City of Cape Town, Old Mutual Properties; Shoprite Checkers; Asrin Property Developers and College of Cape Town.   

Narker is extremely excited about the future of the profession and the construction industry. Narker points out that the continued economic growth holds the key for the growth of their business and the 2010 World Cup just makes the industry that much more exciting. These are exciting times indeed……

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