SAPOA celebrates Innovative Excellence in Property Development

Posted On Wednesday, 19 April 2006 02:00 Published by eProp Commercial Property News
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Awards play an important role within the industry by promoting excellence

Sapoa CEO Neil Gopal“The quality of entries into this year’s SAPOA Innovative Excellence in Property Development Awards and the superb visual presentations we have received has resulted in the immense build up to this year’s highly anticipated award ceremony taking place at a gala dinner at the SAPOA International Convention on 18 May.”, says John Truter, Chairman of the SAPOA Awards Committee.
The esteemed award ceremony is being held in conjunction with the 38th SAPOA International Convention & Property Exhibition which runs from 17-19 May and is being held at the ICC (International Conference Centre) in Durban.
“The awards play an important role within the industry from a point of view of promoting excellence. You need a forum where individuals and companies can be awarded for excellence in their respective property fields. The awards create a platform where other industry players can see which works are acclaimed and celebrated, providing industry guidelines and leading the way,” explains Truter.
The Awards for Innovative Excellence are divided into different property and architectural categories. Popular categories this year were the Office Development, Refurbishment and Social and Environmental categories. “We have been bowled over by the number of entries received this year, we have experienced a 75% increase in the submissions since last year”, notes Truter who attributes the popularity of this year’s awards to the restructuring of the submission requirements.
SAPOA noted that there were no entries in the Innovative Solutions or the Industrial Property category. “We were disappointed not to have any Industrial Property entries - perhaps this category is not viewed as being as flamboyant or exciting as, say the retail or the , social or environmental categories but each category is in fact judged in its own right” reiterates Truter.
There is an apparent lack of international flavour in this year’s entries but Truter attributes this to the fact that there is so much activity in our local South African property market.
Truter explains the judging process and the fact that judges come from a variety of specialisations in the property industry. The panel of judges are highly qualified and respected in their particular fields and judge each category in accordance with their particular industry guidelines. The individual judge’s expertise comes into play and interlinks with the other judgment calls which are made. Truter stresses that the judges actually visit the sites and buildings throughout the country, ensuring that it is not just an ‘on paper’ decision..
Be sure to watch the local press for the results of this highly anticipated awards ceremony.


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