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Posted On Thursday, 11 December 2003 02:00 Published by eProp Commercial Property News
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CAPE based civil engineering contractor, Haw & Inglis, has pinned its flag to the future success of South Africa

Construction IndustryCAPE based civil engineering contractor, Haw & Inglis, has pinned its flag to the future success of South Africa, Through its commitment as equity investors, developers and contractors in the Chapman’s Peak Project.


H&I’s equity investment, as a private contracting entity in a 30-year Private Sector / Public Sector Partnership with the Provincial Government is a ‘first’, and affirms the company’s faith in South Africa.


H&I has brought its unique brand of engineering expertise to bear in solving the many challenges on the project. H&I, together with the other partners in the Chapman’s Peak Construction Joint Venture (Concor and J&J), have workshopped the appropriate construction responses to the myriad of engineering obstacles and challenges on the project with the design team. Many of the solutions are ‘first offs’ in South Africa.


The installation of 1 600m of rock fall catch fences at various elevations above road level is almost complete, and often required abseiling rope access and helicopter assistance. (This is one of the largest rock fall catch fence installations worldwide).

The Swiss catch fence technology employed on the project, is a first for South Africa, and has been installed by the site team to standards which are on par with overseas contractors.


A second unique feature has been the construction of a half tunnel with open sea views, in an area where neither concrete structures nor catch fences would be able to attenuate the anticipated rock fall energies. Adjacent to the half tunnel are two concrete canopy structures, which are positioned in gullies of high volume and energy debris flows, and are designed not only to withstand high-energy impacts, but to direct rock falls and debris flows over the road and onward into the sea.


Not with standing that a significant portion of the project budget has been spent on specialist subcontractors and imported catch fence materials, BEE procurement has not been neglected in the execution of the contract. In excess of 20% of the project value is being placed with BEE enterprises, with the local communities integrated in every available employment opportunity. The particular challenge of the project is that 70% of the construction expenditure is concentrated in a 3km section of the pass, with access conditions equivalent to working in a tunnel.


Upwards of 450 people and the materials and plant resources for seven different construction activities have to be co-ordinated into this area, with access often being cut off from 9am to 4pm by the catch fence installation teams working on the cliffs off a battery of 6 cranes.



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