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THE success of the revitalisation programme in the Central City of Cape Town will soon be broadcast to 125 million homes across Europe, the Unites States, the Middle East and Africa.
THE success of the revitalisation programme in the Central City of Cape Town will soon be broadcast to 125 million homes across Europe, the Unites States, the Middle East and Africa. A production team from London is currently in Cape Town to film what has been achieved in the Central City for broadcast on the international networks of Euronews and BBC America.

Euronews penetrates 105 million homes in 43 countries across Europe, the Middle East and Africa. The round - the - clock news format is broadcast simultaneously in French, English, German, Italian and Spanish and attracts and overwhelming business oriented daily audience. The programme on Cape Town will be broadcast during the peak evening viewing period between 22h00 and 23h00 UK time.

With regards to BBC America, again this audience is overwhelmingly business and professionally oriented. The channel penetrates 22 million homes across the United States and the programme on Cape Town's Central City will be broadcast twice during prime time on both the East and West Coast.

Michael Farr, CEO of the Cape Town Partnership, said that the company had been contacted about a month ago by the producers of the programme who told the Partnership that they regarded the revitalisation of Cape Town's Central City as the world's second international success story, after New York, of a city having changed its fortunes and destiny. ' This is really a feather in the cap of all who made this possible - our City Council, Cape Town business and, of course, the ratepayers of our Central City and each and every Capetonian who supports and uses the city' said Farr.

'We are thrilled that such international recognition is to be given what our city has achieved and flattered that the Cape Town Partnership is to be profiled as having been instrumental in achieving a successful turnaround of our central city. I think that this bears testimony to the fact that our policy of zero-tolerance, so strongly supported by Capetonians, works. This programme will be saying to 125 million homes in Europe and the United States that Capetonians care about their city. This programme will be saying that a South African city can be counted amongst the world's premier cities, not only as a tourism destination but as an attractive destination for business and investment.'

'We are excited at the prospect that this showcasing of Cape Town could well lead to a substantial increase in foreign direct investment into Cape Town and also to an increased presence of international and multinational companies who are seeking lower cost centres for part of their business. Cape Town certainly has the skills, the talent and now the urban environment to make itself and extremely attractive proposition. We are fast becoming a globally competitive city reflected by the fact that we have, as a business and tourism destination, a globally competitive product offering.'

'After this programme is flighted on BBC America and Euronews before the end of May this year, many people in the world, amongst them key corporate decision makers, will recognise this too.'

Publisher: Cape Business News
Source: Cape Business News

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