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A list of previously commented on drafts and bills.




 1ST JANUARY 2001 TO 30TH JUNE 2001


1.      New laws relating to the Council for the Built Enviroment and Related Professions.

2.      Establishment of Industrial Development Zones. 

3.      Lease of Immovable Property (Residential) 

4.      The Tobacco Products Control Act and the Tobacco Products Control Amendment Act as it affects building owners. 

5.      Memorandum of Objects of the Draft Bill on Spatial Information. 

6.      Housing Act 1997 and the Housing Amendment Bill 2001. 

7.      The Rental Housing Act. 

8.      Expropriation of Land Rights. 

9.      Residential Landlord and Tenant Act Repeal Bill (Gauteng). 

10.  National Rental Housing Act and the Repeal of the Rent Control Act. 

11.  Capital Gains Tax – short summary. 

12.  Money Laundering as set out in the Prevention of Organised Crime Act and the Financial Intelligence Centre Bill. 

13.  Gauteng Development Planning Bill 

14.  Draft Municipal Integrated Development Planning Regulations. 

15.  Companies Amendment Bill and Close Corporations Amendment Bill. 

16.  Land Use Management Bill – first draft. 

17.  White Paper on Spatial Planning and Land Use Management.



  • Promotion of Equality and Prevention of Unfair Discrimination Act

  • Gauteng Types of Municipality Bill

  • Trilogy of Heritage Legislation

  • Local Government Municipal Structures Amendment Bill

  • The Home Loan and Mortgage Disclosure Bill



  • VOLUME 1

    • Gauteng Consumer Affairs (Harmful Bus. Practices) Act 1996  01/98

    • Regulations – Gauteng Res. Landlord And Tenant Act – Comments  01/98 

    • Green Paper on Local Government – Comments 12/97

    • Employment Equity Bill – Summary  02/98

    • Airports Co. Amendment Bill No comments – preparing for privatisation  02/98

    • Regional Industrial Development Amendment Bill No Comments – SMM   02/98 

    • Provision of Certain Land for Settlement Amendment  02/98 Bill and Amendments  04/98 

    • Gauteng Removal of Restrictions Amendment Act 02/98   

    • Attorneys Amendment Bill  02/98   

    • Gauteng Land Admin. Amendment Bill 02/98 

    • Attorneys Amendment Bill  02/98   

    • CATRA   03/98 

    • Extension of Security of Tenure Act 03/98

    • Prevention of Illegal Evictions from and Unlawful Occupation of Land Bill 03/98

    • White Paper on Local Government  03/98

    • Green paper : Creating an Enabling Environment For Reconstruction, Growth and Development in the Construction Industry. 03/98 

    • Gauteng Housing Bill  04/98

    • DFA Chapter 1 Principles 

    • Repeal of Subdivision of Agricultural Land Act  05/98

    • Prevention of Illegal Eviction from and Unlawful Occupation of Land Bill  05/98

    • Essential Elements of a (framework) Environmental Management Policy Act 04/98

    • Gauteng Local Government Rating Ord. Amendment Bill 05/98



    VOLUME 2

    • (a)Local Government : Demarcation Bill  06/98

    • (b)Local Government : Municipal Structures Bill 06/98

    • Subdivision of Agricultural Land Act 70/1970 – Repeal  05/98

    • National Strategy for Integrated Environmental Management     06/98

    • Alienation of land Amendment Bill – Cooling-off- comments     05/98

    • Land Affairs General Amendment Bill  07/98   

    • White Paper on Environmental Management Policy  07/98

    • Estate Agents Amendment Bill – Cooling-off  07/98

    • Draft National Environmental Management Bill  07/98

    • DFA Chapter 1 Principles – SAPOA’s view  08/98   

    • Municipal Structures Bill – second memo  08/98

    • NHBRC – new Bill  08/98   

    • Estate Agent’s Amendment Bill – New B Bill  09/98

    • Deeds Registries Amendment Bill  09/98 

    • Constitution of the Republic of SA Second and Third Amendment Bills  09/98   

    • Alienation of land Amendment Bill (cooling-off)  09/98   

    • Housing Rental Bill 10/98   

    • Land Affairs General Amendment Act 10/98
      Restitution of Land Rights  
      Land Reform (Labour Tenants Act)

    • DFA Principles 10/98 

    • Coastal Policy Green paper  11/98

    • Property Rates Bill 11/98   

    • Western Cape Planning and Development Bill  11/98 

    • National Heritage Bill  12/98   

    • Katz Commission – Rural Land Tax  12/98


    GOVERNMENT AFFAIRS AND PROPERTY RELATED LEGISLATION AND MISCELLANEOUS MATTERS The following were investigated and comments and/or reports prepared :

    VOLUME 1

    • Gauteng Residential Landlord and Tenants Bill 01/97   

    • Withdrawal of Part of Regional Structure Plan – DFA  01/97 

    • Draft Interim Bill to Regulate Minibus Tax Services   01/97  

    • Assignment of Property Related Legislation Update in terms of new Constitution 02/97  

    • Green paper – an Environmental Policy for S.A. SAPOA Comments  01/97

    • Gauteng Consumer Affairs Act 1996 Comments on press articles   02/07   

    • National Council of Provinces (NCOP) Guidelines  02/97 

    • Extension of Security of Tenure Bill (First Report and comments)  03/97   

    • Local Government Transition Act – Second Amendment Act   03/97

    • Presidential proclamation R9 of 1997 Deeds Offices, Conveyancers, Sectional Title – Report   03/97   

    • Estate Agents Second Amendment Bill Cooling Off Period  03/97   

    • Sectional Titles Amendment Bill 1997 Comments   03/97   

    • Gauteng Rating Ordinance Amendment Bill  Report  03/97

    • Extension of Security of Tenure Bill (Second Report andcomments)  03/97   

    • FEDHASA Submission on Land Tax Reports and comments  03/97   

    • Assignment to provinces of certain sections of the Sectional Titles Act  Report  04/97

    • Katz Commission - 4th report – info  04/97   

    • Katz Commission – 5th Report (FM article)  04/97

    • Mine Health & Safety Act : Roads and Ribbons / Nat. Building Regulations Report  04/97

    • Gauteng Residential Landlord and Tenant Act Report  06/97   

    • Property Clause – Proposed Water Law Comments   06/97

    • Coastal Management Policy Programme    Project guide   06/97

    •   National Perspective on Structuring the S.A. Gaming Industry Discussion Paper  06/97   

    • Extension of Security of Tenure Bill  Third Bill Report  07/97   

    • Local Government Transition Act  
      §         Regulations regarding Determination and Utilisation of Equitable Contributions  
      §         Report   07/97 

    • Sale and leaseback Arrangements
      §         Section 23G of the Income Tax Act 1997 Report  07/97 

    • NHBRC Draft Bill    First Comments   07/97 

    • Katz Commission   Sixth Interim Report   07/97

    • Consumer Affairs (Harmful Business practices) Bill 1997  07/97   

    • NHBRC Bill  07/97 


    1997  08/97

  • White Paper on Environmental Policy  08/97

  • General Guildelines for Emerging Markets :Shopping Centres in Developing Areas   09/97   

  • Regulations regarding Activities which may have Substantive Detrimental Effect on the Environment Section 21 Act 73 of 1989 Regulations  09/97   

  • Prevention of Unlawful Occupation of Land Bill  09/97   

  • Regulations in terms of the Environmental Conservation Act No. 73 of 1989 Guidelines  10/97 

  • Consumer Code for Accommodation Establishment Schemes : HOST  10/97   

  • Regulations in terms of the Environmental Conservation Act :  
    R1182, R1183, R1184  
    Comments to Director General  10/97 

  • Disposal of State Property Assets : PWD 039   10/97

  • Sectional Title Amendment Act 1997 Paper Delivered to Workshop by Hofmeyr  11/97

  • Western Cape Planning and Development Bill Comments  11/97

  • Green Paper on Local Government Comments   11/97   

  • Gauteng Land Administration Act Comments   11/97

  • Gauteng Removal of Restrictions Amendment Bill Comments  11/97   

  • Public Works Towards 21st Century   Green Paper   Comments   03/97   



Action taken by SAPOALaw Commission discussion document on Insolvency Law
Prepared comments insofar as it effects SAPOA.

  • Financial Institutions Amendment Bill
    Prepared comments insofar as it effects SAPOA

  • Deeds Registries Amendment Bill
    Prepared comments  

  • Green Paper on Land Reform
    Prepared memorandum  

  • National Roads Bill
    Prepared comments

  • Justice Laws Rationalisation Bill
    Prepared comments  

  • Housing Amendment Bill
    Prepared comments

  • Assignment of Property Legislation to Provinces
    Prepared extensive position paper together with Prof van der Walt of UNISA and submitted to various Departments

  • Land Reform (Labour Tenants) Bill
    Prepared comments

  • Proposed Gauteng Rental Control Bill
    Prepared comments

  • Local Government Transition Act and the Constitution
    Prepared comments  

  • Gauteng Harmful Business Practices Bill
    Prepared comments

  • Proclamations regarding Rights and Obligations of the GJTMC and its Substructures
    Comments prepared

  • DFA Regulations
    Prepared comments

  • Trilogy of Land Reform Legislation
    Prepared comments

  • Division of Powers between GTTMC and Local Authorities
    Prepared comments

  • Green Paper on Employment Equity
    Prepared comments

  • Communal Property Association Act
    Prepared final comments  

  • Upgrading of Land Tenure Rights Amendment Act
    Prepared final comments  

  • Further Regulation of Local Government Bill
    Prepared comments

  • Gauteng Local Government Amendment Bill
    Prepared comments  

  • DFA versus the Existing Planning Framework
    Prepared memorandum

  • Regulations for the setting of Land Development Objectives
    Prepared comments and held members’ workshop

  • Abolition of Restrictions on the Jurisdiction of Courts Bill
    Comments prepared  

  • Draft Rules for the Land Claims Court
    Comments prepared

  • Law Commission discussion document on the proposed Unfair Contractual Terms 
    Bill Prepared comments

  • Proposed Heritage Resources Bill
    Prepared comments

  • CATRA – Harmful Business Practice Committee – Unfair Lease terms
    Prepared comments and attended hearings  

  • Restitution of Land Rights Act
    Prepared comments

  • Land Survey Bill
    Prepared comments

  • Proposed Land Tax on Rural Land
    Prepared comments

  • Local Government Transition Act Second Amendment Bill
    Prepared comments

  • Land Restitution and Reform Law Amendment Bill
    Prepared comments

  • Land Administration Amendment Act
    Prepared comments

  • Environment Conservation Act Extention Amendment Bill
    Special committee of SAPOA dealing with this matter  

  • White Paper on Tourism
    Being dealt with  

  • Regulations to the Gauteng Removal of Restrictions Act
    Being dealt with  

  • Sectional Title Amendment Bill
    Expected early in 1997

  • Property Transactions with Consumer Bill
    Comments prepared and meetings with Departmental Task Group attended.
    Awaiting further developments from DTI

  • In addition SAPOA regularly receives and studies the Legi-Link weekly updates of 
    Bills and the Parliamentary process, Butterworths weekly update and where necessary Hansard is studied

  • PWD Green Paper
    Being dealt with by a SAPOA Committee  


    1 Comments to National Government on proposed legislation – Green Papers, White Papers and Bills

  • Property Clauses in the New Constitution

  • Assignment of Property related Legislation to Provinces in terms of the Interim Constitution – capability and desirability to assign

  • Draft Regulations and Rules of the Development Facilitation Act, 1995 (Act 67 of 1995)

  • Draft Heritage Resources Bill.

  • Draft Housing Bill (July 1996)

  • Draft Housing Bill (Dec 1996)

  • Green Paper on South African Land Policy  

  • 2 Comments to Provincial Governments on Proposed Legislation – Green Papers, White Papers and Bills

  • Gauteng Consumer (Harmful Business Practices) Bill 1996

  • Gauteng Removal of Restrictions Bill 1996

  • Regulations to the Gauteng Removal of Restrictions Act 1996

  • Gauteng discussion document on the Regulation of Rights and Obligations in regard to Property Matters (Rent Control)

  • Residential Landlord and Tenant Bill 

  • 4 Written and Oral representations to National and Provincial Governments, Local Authorities and Statutory Institutions

  • Property Clauses in the New Constitution

  • Business Practices Committee: Submissions by Catering and Tea Room Association (CATRA) on unfair standard lease contract terms

  • Department of Trade and Industry: Property Transactions with Consumers Bill

  • Land Development Objectives (Gauteng) in terms of Development Facilitation Act, 1995.  

  • SAPOA in-house comments, guidelines and memoranda on Legislation, Bills, White Papers, Green Papers, Regulations and discussion documents

  • SA Law Commission: Proposed new Law of Insolvency (Project 63)

  • Deeds Registries Amendment Bill 1996

  • Amendments to the Local Government Transition Act and consequential amendments to the Interim Constitution

  • Abolition of Restrictions on the Jurisdiction of Courts Bill 1996

  • Further Regulation of Local Government Bill 1996

  • Communal Property Associations Act (Act 28 of 1996)

  • Assignment of Chapter II of the Development Facilitation Act 1995 to the Minister of Land Affairs

  • Guidelines to the Principles of the Development Facilitation Act versus The Existing Planning Framework

  • Discussion Paper on Employment Equity (Fourth draft)

  • Green Paper on Employment Equity

  • Draft Financial Institutions Amendment Bill 1996

  • Draft Heritage Resources Bill – memorandum to National Council

  • Upgrading of Land Tenure Rights Amendment Bill 1996

  • Local Government Transition Act second Amendment Bill 1996

  • Report of Water Law Review Panel

  • National Roads Amendment Bill 1996

  • Justice Laws Rationalisation Bill 1996

  • Land Reform (Labour Tenants) Bill 1996

  • Land Survey Amendment Bill 1996

  • Land Restriction and Reform Laws Amendment Bill 1996

  • SA Law Commission: Harmonization of Common Law and Indigenous Law

  • Land Claims Court: Regulations

  • Gauteng Land Administration Bill 1996

  • Proposed amendment to the Local Authorities Rating Ordance,1977

  • Gauteng Removal of Restrictions Act, 1966

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