High Court finds in favour of Joe Singh Group on Lahleni Matter

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The Joe Singh Group, which acquired One Vision (Pty) Ltd in 2013, today announced that the High Court has ruled in its favour regarding the Lahleni Lakes Golf Estate case brought by Mr Singh against former One Vision director, Mr Ralston Smith.

High Court Finds in Favour of Joe Singh Group on Lahleni Matter

Mr Singh instituted the legal action to counter Smith’s unsubstantiated claims against Mr Singh in relation to the acquisition and controlling interests of the Lahleni Lakes project. 

The Lahleni Lake project was in severe financial distress when Mr. Singh offered to buy out all shareholders of the company.  His terms included that all company directors resign, leaving himself as sole director of One Vision with full ownership of the project. 

In the case, which has been ongoing since 2014, Smith insisted that he did not resign from One Vision.  He further claimed that Mr. Singh had fraudulently removed his directorship and usurped control of the company.

Mr. Singh, through One Vision, took Smith to court in order to declare the Memorandum of Understanding entered into between himself and all the directors of Lahleni Lakes (One Vision) lawful and binding. Mr Smith opposed the action, but  the court ultimately ruled in favour of Mr Singh.

“I am a firm believer in the fact that the truth always wins through,” says Joe Singh, Chief Executive and founder of The Joe Singh Group.

“While it has been deeply distressing to have someone so frivolously attempt to defame my character, I entered into this transaction with the stated intention of ensuring that financial stability of Lahleni Lakes Golf Estate be rehabilitated and the true potential of the development be realised. That continues to be my focus and I am thrilled that the High Court has ratified my position. 

I am also grateful to my business peers and friends who have stood by me during this long and concerted effort to undermine both my person and my business.”

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