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Nepi Rockcastle prices a €500 million unsecured corporate bond

Posted On Friday, 17 May 2019 12:42 Published by
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NEPI Rockcastle’s wholly-owned subsidiary, NE Property BV, has closed the corporate bond book build referred to in the announcement released earlier today.


NE Property BV has priced a €500 million unsecured 4 year Eurobond maturing on 22 May 2023 (“the Bond”), carrying a 2.625% fixed coupon, with an issue price of 98.15%. At this level, the book was oversubscribed, reaching over €1 billion.

S&P and Fitch assigned the Bond a BBB rating, in line with the EMTN Programme rating and the corporate rating.

The Bond has been placed with a broad range of institutional debt investors across Europe. The net proceeds will be used for general corporate purposes including refinancing, acquisitions and developments, as and when identified. Application has been made for listing the Bond with Euronext Dublin and also a listing with the Bucharest Stock Exchange will be pursued. 

"Today’s strong order book led to a successful transaction, which is a sign of confidence in NEPI Rockcastle and its high-performing business model. This bond issue adds to our financial flexibility and will contribute to generating long-term value for our stakeholders.” Alex Morar, CEO.

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