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The most buoyant sectors in the UK property investment market

Posted On Wednesday, 22 March 2017 12:16 Published by
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Investing overseas can be quite daunting and it is a challenge to know what to believe.

One Touch Property

One Touch Property have been helping people invest in UK property for the past 8 years. Their Investment Director, Arran Kerkvliet, is originally from South Africa and has a degree in Economics and property valuation. He highlights some of the best sectors for UK investment property at the moment.

Analyse the demand and supply in each area

Student Property Investments

The UK student property sector has been the best performing sector since 2011. There are several choices when considering to invest in UK student property investments. To ensure the medium term sustainability of your investment it is important to do some research into the supply demand fundamentals of each area. Global real state consultancies such as Savills conduct annual rankings of the various student property locations.

Cities with the greatest supply demand imbalances are ranked in Tier1. These cities have a chronic shortage of purpose built student property versus demand. Edinburgh student accommodation investment is likely to outperform student properties in cities like Newcastle and Southampton in Tier 3. Investors can purchase a studio in a boutique development of 83 units called Braefoot House from £107,800 with 7.5% Net Income.     


There are a number of other factors which determine your success; students prefer smaller bespoke development of fewer than 100 units because it cultivates a nice community feel. One Touch Property are an award winning UK student property broker, their guide how to compare student property investments covers a number of aspects to consider before investing.

Buy-to-let property

Manchester is an idea location to purchase UK buy-to-let opportunities because the city has the highest number of people renting between 25-29 years of age. A lot of new jobs are being created with infrastructure improvements and new grade 1 office blocks being developed. 

Where there are more jobs, this increases rental demand and subsequent capital growth spinoffs. Manchester experienced a 22% capital growth in 2015.


Investors make money when they buy

People think they make the most money by timing the market and choosing the right time to sell. The truth is that one has more control over when they buy and it is often said that people make money on property when they buy property. There are obviously a lot of reasons to invest in Manchester. A lot of UK developers are taking advantage of uneducated investors by charging much more than the market comparables. Investors are getting drawn in by glossy brochures and impressive sales events, when it is actually the purchase prices that they should be focusing on.  

Your motivations. Income or capital growth?

Whether you are looking for capital growth or a good yield, that is all a function of the purchase price. “We recently found that one of our Manchester buy-to-let properties was selling for 15% cheaper than the development next door. South African investors were delighted with their purchase of a riverside one-bedroom apartment in Downtown Manchester for £164,950” says Arran Kerkvliet.

Making the most of political uncertainties & change

South African investors are finding themselves in the fortunate situation of having a favourable exchange rate relative to the British Pound and US Dollar. It is an opportune time to be investing overseas. The swift departure of Gordhan or a downgrade of South Africa’s credit rating could rapidly change that. 

The UK is facing its own challenges with Brexit. Local authorities have experienced cutbacks as part of the governments saving program. There is a restriction on capital expenditure on new care homes. First the first time in history there are more over 65 year olds than those under the age of 16. The compounding problem is that there will be almost 3.5 million people of the age of 85 by 2040. There is an opportunity to help solve the problem and purchase a care home room investment from £85,000 which is leased back by the care home operator at 10% Net income for 10 years.  

To discuss various ways to access the UK property market, you can arrange a one-to-one consultation with the UK’s leading property experts, One Touch Property, who will be visiting South Africa between the 30th of March to 10th of April 2017.

One Touch Property 

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