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Boraine new boss for Cape Town

Posted On Tuesday, 05 August 2003 02:00 Published by
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Former City of Cape Town City Manager Andrew Boraine is to 'return home' as the Cape Town Partnership's new Chief Executive, Partnership Chairperson Shaun Johnson announced today.
Former City of Cape Town City Manager Andrew Boraine is to 'return home' as
the Cape Town Partnership's new Chief Executive, Partnership Chairperson
Shaun Johnson announced today.
Mr Boraine is currently Special Advisor to the Minister of Provincial and
Local Government, Sydney Mufamadi. He takes up his new post on 01 September.

As City Manager Mr Boraine, 44, together with the SA Property Owners'
Association, was instrumental in creating the Cape Town Partnership, and
worked together with the private sector in formulating a new Council policy
which enabled the creation of City Improvement Districts.
His experience, both as City Manager and special advisor to the Minister, is
seen as a bonus in running an organisation which is a joint partnership
between local government and the private sector. He will also remain
Chairperson of the South African Cities Network, a network of South African
cities and partners that organises and promotes the exchange of information,
experience and best practices on urban development and city management. In
addition he advises on urban policy and city development strategy.
Cape Town Partnership Chairperson Shaun Johnson said he was proud to
announce the appointment of Mr Boraine, who he described as "absolutely
uniquely suited to the job.
"We were delighted when Andrew accepted the position, especially given the
opportunities that lie ahead for the next phase of this phenomenally
successful Partnership. The Central City's success and momentum must be
maintained and increased and we believe Andrew has the skill, credibility,
patience and energy to run this organisation extremely well. I honestly
think that the people of Cape Town could not have hoped for a better
Mayor Nomaindia Mfeketo, who with Mr Johnson was mandated by the Partnership
Board to oversee the recruitment process, worked with Mr Boraine in her
previous tenure as Mayor of the-then City of Cape Town Municipality. "Andrew
is extremely competent. I am very pleased that he has accepted the position,
not just for his experience but also for the values which he considers
important: the need to be inclusive, to unite the City and make everyone
feel welcome on the city's streets. He carries with him the context of our
past as well as the experience to take the Partnership into the future."
Mr Boraine's other experience includes contributions to the drafting of
critical sections of South Africa's Constitution with respect to
co-operative government and local government. He also served at the
Independent Electoral Commission as an electoral officer during the 1999 and
2000 elections. Prior to that, he held the post of Deputy Director-General
of Local Government Affairs in the Department of Constitutional Development.

He was also appointed by former President Nelson Mandela as a member of the
Financial and Fiscal Commission. A former student and activist at the
University of Cape Town, Mr Boraine was detained without trial in 1980 and
1981 and banned from 1981 to 1983. He lectured history for two years at UCT
in the late 1980s.
Mr Boraine said he was very excited by the opportunity to run what is seen
as one of the most successful urban renewal initiatives in South Africa.
"Having been involved in the conceptualisation of the Partnership, I have
watched its progress and success keenly. In many ways, this is a homecoming
for me. The success of the Central City is critical for all Capetonians. It
remains the single most important economic and social centre and has the
potential to develop even further with the correct amount of focus, energy
and dedication.
"Some of the more recent investment announcements, particularly in the
historic CBD, augur extremely well for the continued success of the
Partnership. The Partnership has played a key role in these developments,
and I will be putting significant effort into maintaining the momentum.
There are, of course, many challenges and new opportunities, and I look
forward to tackling them in partnership with all the stakeholders in the
Central City."
Mr Boraine was appointed after a comprehensive search and selection process.
A 5-person panel, with representatives from the organisations participating
in the Partnership, including both SA property Owners Association and the
Cape Town Regional Chamber of Commerce and Industry, as well as independent
experts, formed the selection panel. Mr Johnson said it was an indication of
the regard in which the position was held that well in excess of 100
applications were received, including a large number of candidates who were
qualified for the post.
Mr Johnson added his thanks to acting Partnership CEO Derek Stuart-Findlay,
who will stay in the post until the end of the month, and the staff of the
Partnership and the CCID, for running the organisation so well during the
transition period.
Mr Boraine is married with two children, and lives in the City Bowl.

Publisher: Cape Business News
Source: Cape Business News
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