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Attacq is a leading capital growth fund in the real estate sector founded in 2005. It acquired the Waterfall development rights in 2008.


Attacq is a leading capital growth fund in the real estate sector founded in 2005. It acquired the Waterfall development rights in 2008.

The company listed on the JSE in 2013, the same year in which it secured 264,595m² in Waterfall developments. It has consistently delivered growth in capital to its investors through its strategic property holdings and developments.

Attacq has a total asset value of more than R27.1bn, with 24% of this value held in hard currency market investments. It has a market capitalisation of more than R15bn. The listed company has a diverse investment portfolio that includes landmark commercial and retail property investments and developments.

Attacq aims to deliver exceptional sustainable capital growth through creative local and international real estate developments and investments. It pursues this vision through its strategic drivers of develop, invest and grow.

Waterfall City, north of Johannesburg, is the jewel in the African crown. With its benchmark business architecture and central location, the 240ha precinct is one of SA’s most significant commercial developments of the decade, and continues to attract local and international attention as the new African corporate headquarter destination.

Consolidation into a centrally located business node with good infrastructure and access brings inherent competitive advantages to Waterfall City’s business occupants. Attacq also benefits from ongoing diversification into developed markets.

qBrand revamp

Attacq also unveiled its newly refreshed brand. “The vibrantly refreshed brand boasts a new colour palette dominated by red and grey, denoting confidence in our future sustainability and is akin to the investment leadership position Attacq has carved for itself as a successful listed capital growth fund,” says CEO Morné Wilken.

“The modern and vibrant word mark is supported by an equally recognisable icon element to identify and differentiate Attacq both in the real estate segment and in the investment world.

“The new brand resonates with our creative approach to business and is supported by our business philosophy of ‘develop, invest and grow’. The brand refresh is the next salient step of our fully integrated marketing communication and stakeholder engagement strategy that was adopted in early 2016. Seeing that our new financial year kicked off this week, it was opportune to use the new year as a milestone to refresh our brand and introduce an array of new engagement tools, including our brand new website.”

He says Attacq is always open to new opportunities, and has managed to meet investors’ expectations. Its strategy with its offshore diversification, which is in excess of 24% in gross assets, is bearing fruit and has maintained its growth forecasts.

Wilken says Attacq is a capital growth fund which differentiates itself from its peers through a relatively new quality portfolio and the Waterfall project, which he believes is the best located land in Gauteng.

“Our vision is to create sustainable capital growth for shareholders and to become the premier property fund in SA. As such we strengthened our brand to stand on its own in the competitive international real estate marketplace,” says Wilken.

He says this significant brand milestone also coincides with some equally significant strategic strides taken by the business as it grows from strength to strength.

qDiversified portfolio

The roll-out of new developments at Waterfall is pleasing, and Attacq enjoys good growth from its international investments such as MAS.

“The investments into Central and Eastern Europe perform well. The decision to invest outside SA was taken in order to diversify Attacq’s portfolio, to create a rand hedge and take advantage of the growth opportunities in foreign markets as well as the stability of the developed markets,” says Wilken.

qStrategic strides for Attacq

Attacq has taken the strategic decision to accelerate the internalisation of the Waterfall development management function to enable the company to take full control of the strategic planning, marketing and rollout of the Waterfall developments. Attacq will drive the development of Waterfall City and its world-class infrastructure as the African headquarter destination for years to come.

Attacq has been assembling its own strong development team. Attacq and Atterbury have agreed to amend the existing development management agreement to terminate the exclusivity of Atterbury’s appointment as development manager to Waterfall prior to January 2018.

The strategic relationship with Atterbury Property Holdings will continue. “Attacq values the industry knowledge and insight of Louis van der Watt (CEO of Atterbury) and he will continue to be involved at Attacq on various levels including a seat on Attacq’s board of directors on a nonexecutive level,” says Wilken.

qBuilding a new city

Attacq’s SA development pipeline focuses firmly on Waterfall, which includes Waterfall City as the new corporate headquarter node of SA. Gauteng’s new conveniently located world-class city is already attracting global names like PwC with their new 26storey office tower in the thriving precinct. Other corporates already situated in the precinct include Premier Foods, Novartis, Group Five, Diageo, Cell C, Altech, Digistics, Massbuild, Cipla, MB Technologies, Premier Foods, Dräger SA, Westcon Group, Medtronic, Cummins, Honda Motor SA and many others.

The Waterfall development pipeline is set to deliver, and the completed portfolio is still delivering good results. Waterfall City holds exciting prospects with its new status as the province’s most attractive new corporate headquarters destination, given its convenient central location in Gauteng, the financial hub of SA.

Waterfall remains a strategically important asset and provides the base for Attacq’s development pipeline and future growth. The size of the property provides a further 12-15 years of development opportunities consisting of retail, commercial, light industrial and residential.

A number of exciting further developments within Waterfall City and the area around it are planned. Attacq entered into strategic joint ventures with Sanlam and Equites worth more than R1,2bn. These joint ventures enable further commercial, industrial and retail development in and around the visible Waterfall development node located conveniently around the N1 freeway and Allandale axis just north of Johannesburg.

The Mall of Africa (80% Attacq-owned) located in Waterfall City, recently opened as the largest first-phase mall development on the continent and is a benchmark retail destination.

The opening of the mall was a key strategic milestone for Attacq, a true tipping point for Waterfall City, and the catalyst for further development.

The Mall of Africa is an iconic superregional shopping and lifestyle destination that is intended to serve the large and growing community that is part of Gauteng’s newest city in the making, Waterfall City.

The Mall of Africa boasts more than 300 outlets across the 131,038m² mall, valued at R4.9bn, and is developed by Atterbury, which owns the remaining 20%.

The ideally located mall boasts great shopping, many lifestyle features, events, infrastructure, attractive surrounding environments and landscaped gardens.

qBeyond its own bottomline

Attacq is a nationbuilder and is committed to SA, its people and a future which benefits all SA citizens. As a nation builder company, Attacq knows that it’s not only about giving to the community, but also about being responsible in making sure that its giving actually makes a lasting and sustainable difference.

Through its membership, Attacq is also monitoring itself for year-on-year improvement, collaborating with and contributing to other industry leaders along the way.

The group’s main objective with regard to CSI is to participate in programmes and initiatives that make a sustainable impact on the communities and those in need. Employees are encouraged to participate where possible, and Attacq employees are increasingly doing so.

Some of the CSI contributions include the Columba and the Future JSE Schools’ programmes. Attacq’s Columba support programme helps empower young historically disadvantaged individuals by running workshops that focus on instilling personal, social and environmental responsibility. The programmes draw heavily on the teaching power of lessons from the natural environment.

In the Attacq the Future JSE Schools programme, young academic achievers are exposed to an environment of large business and given an opportunity to interact with business people.

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