Shoprite to develop shopping centre in Kynsna.

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Listed South African food retailer has announced a new shopping centre development in the heart of Knysna?s business district in the Eastern Cape.
By Lynn Bolin

Listed South African food retailer Shoprite on Friday announced a new shopping centre development in the heart of Knysna's business district in the Eastern Cape.

The joint venture project with the Municipality of Knysna enables the supermarket group to render 6,600 square metres of lettable space and an additional 400 parking spaces in city centre.

The business development project follows a tender awarded to the Shoprite group in November 2002 for the construction of a shopping centre and multilevel parkade off Rawson Street on Stands 5157, 7608 and 7609 in the Knysna Business Hub.

It is envisaged that Shoprite will commence with construction of the centre during the first quarter of 2004 and to this effect a rental contract for the development site was signed with the Council of the Municipality in Knysna today. The rental agreement serves to formalise the rights, which were afforded to Shoprite in terms of the awarded tender and entitles Shoprite to commence with development of the property.

Due to the character and profile of the commercial development, the creation of additional trade space to Knysna will offer national retail traders, who currently do not enjoy exposure in the Knysna district, the opportunity to acquire retail space in Knysna.

In line with the tender proposal, the centre design will revolve around an indoor mall concept with line shops facing Nelson-, St George and Rawson Streets. The biggest tenant will be a Checkers supermarket, with its 3,000 sqm supermarket bringing the lowest prices on a wide range of quality goods to the citizens of Knysna.

Additionally, the new Checkers store will be complemented by the line shop component, made up mainly of national tenants and comprising a floor area of about 3,600 sqm. This development is in line with Shoprite Checkers Properties? regional expansion programme, and was planned in close consultation with the Knysna Municipality.

Apart from the obvious advantage that 400 additional parking spaces will offer in the Knysna business hub, the erection of a parkade will also aid greatly in alleviating the current traffic congestion and better the town?s flow of traffic. A direct spinoff from a commercial development of this magnitude will be to strengthen Knysna?s business hub, whilst combating the decentralisation of retail opportunities and subsequent displacement of capital to neighbouring areas.

Commented Shoprite director Brian Weyers: "This shopping centre marks the inauguration of future progress in Knysna?s city centre and a long-term association with the Knysna Municipality. Shoprite Checkers Properties proudly backs and will actively get involved in the development of this area."

He said Shoprite is proud of its tradition of providing consumers across South Africa and the rest of the African continent with its proven lowest prices.

"We already have very successful and well-established supermarkets in most communities in the country and we trust that the Knysna store will be as eagerly embraced by the whole community", he concluded.

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