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Big interest shown in Convention Centre

Posted On Sunday, 15 July 2001 03:01 Published by
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MORE than 50 companies have expressed an interest in construction opportunities for the Cape Town International Convention Centre.

MORE than 50 companies have expressed an interest in construction opportunities for the Cape Town International Convention Centre. An advertisement, calling for indications of interest, was placed in the press in January, with an application deadline set for 7 February 2001. Owing to the level of response, that deadline was then extended to the 9th of February.
Ian Douglas, Interim CEO of the Cape Town International Convention Centre Company, Convenco, said this was the first step in the creation of the centre that would go a long way in turning Cape Town into a world-class destination.

"Construction is due to commence in the second quarter of this year, with the first conference delegates expected to walk through the doors in the third quarter of 2003. It may seem like we are a long way off, but construction teams will be on site on the Foreshore before the start of winter. Watching the first sod being turned will be very exciting."

"For too long, Cape Town has been without one of the hallmarks of a world-class city. This has done untold damage to Cape Town's overseas reputation and indeed, the local economy. The International Convention Centre will greatly boost the city's ability to draw foreign investment and I cannot wait to welcome delegates here."

Douglas said local businesses stood to gain much from the construction of the Convention Centre.

"Our commitment to locally disadvantaged individuals and businesses remains steadfast and is laid down in Convenco's Procurement and Economic Empowerment policies. I can assure you that local skills and manpower will be utilised wherever possible."

Terrence Smith of Foreshore Project Managers, who are managing the construction process on behalf of Convenco, said construction companies had until the 9th of February to register their interest with Convenco.

"This does not mean the door is now closed to sub-contractors and suppliers - there are in excess of 40 subcontractor tender opportunities, which will be tendered on a selected sub-contractor basis. The extended February deadline only applied to principle contractors. Only those who submitted documentation prior to the extended deadline of the 9th of February will be receiving further consideration, but subcontractors and suppliers still have a chance to be involved in this project".

Clive Lurie, also of Foreshore Project Managers and involved in the development management issues, said the emphasis on empowerment could not be overstated.

"In this first phase, we are encouraging joint ventures between established or experienced main contractors and previously disadvantaged businesses. In our experience, this approach is best as it works both to the advantage of the private sector and to the development of the construction industry as a whole.

"Once we have awarded the principle construction contract, we will be advertising for subcontractor tenders during the implementation period between March 2001 and April 2003".

The Cape Town International Convention Centre is to be built on a 6,1 hectare site on the Foreshore and will include secure underground parking. It is scheduled for completion during the first quarter of 2003

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