Three key considerations when renting warehouse space

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Renting industrial warehouse space comes with a number of benefits but there are a number of considerations which must also not be overlooked

Renting warehouse space is generally a niche venture, with the benefits to business of doing so, generally considered positive.

For example, not only is renting warehouse space tax deductible, but since businesses constantly evolve, it does not commit your business to one particular node
According to Grant Lewington, Business Development Executive at Improvon, provider of tailor-made industrial and commercial properties for leasing, there are key physical items to consider before renting warehouse space:

• Location
• Building design
• Environmental considerations

Though some of these considerations may seem obvious, they are often overlooked and may negatively impact your business.

“Access to your facility is critical and while the existing road infrastructure may be suitable, thinking about the future is important. Future developments in the area may lead to densification that will put more pressure on surrounding roads and access points. Often toll roads are also overlooked and can be a steep cost thatcan hamper fleet management if it is not carefully considered and controlled,” says Lewington.
The physical design of the warehousing space will affect how your business functions. The structure of your facility has to meet your needs or productivity will be hampered. Flooring is essential and businesses need to ask themselves some important questions, such as how the concrete yards have been calculated and ifthe flooring will be able to withstandthe rigors of continuous use.

Docking heights are another key factor and have to be carefully considered ifyour team needs to expeditiously offload goods from containers with forklifts. Pits for dock levellers have to be in place to compensate for any height/distance differentials. The positioning of roller doors and the clear height to the underside of the eaves will let you efficientlystock the premises.

Lewington says, “Building for environmental sustainability is a core focus for modern warehousing. Today developers need to consider the benefits of natural lighting which not only saves energy but creates a pleasant working environment.

Water conservation is another aspect that should be taken into account, especially on larger sites where there are many employees who consume vast amounts of water.  Larger sites also create huge amounts of storm water run off.  Attenuation ponds capture storm water run off and slowly discharge this water back into the overall storm water network reducing the probability of flooding.
Grey water plants can effectively harvest water from showers, wash hand basins and sinks to be used to irrigate gardens and flush toilet cisterns.

Businesses need to evaluate the effect of renting warehouse space and how this impacts on their overall business model. This, coupled with the correct design and flexibility of their chosen facility, will enhance their best business practice.

Publisher: eProp
Source: Improvon

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