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Sable Square boosted by China Town concept

Posted On Tuesday, 22 February 2011 02:00 Published by
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Redefine Properties Limited’s ailing Sable Square shopping centre has experienced a remarkable turnaround following the successful implementation of a 6,000m² China Town concept

Accordingly, this has increased foot traffic at the centre by up to 68% and boosted turnover of its existing tenants by an average of 35%.

Redefine regional manager, Grant Elliott, says China Town began trading at Sable Square in November 2010, attracting 13% more shoppers compared to November 2009. “In December 2010, word of China Town had spread and foot traffic increased by a significant 68% compared to December 2009. In 2011, foot traffic statistics are reflecting an average of 60% more shoppers per month,” says Elliott.

Elliott says the increase in foot traffic is benefitting the centre’s existing tenants who are reporting significant increases in turnover. “In December 2010, the highest increase in turnover reported was 76%. Some tenants who had originally approached Redefine to negotiate rental rebates due to poor trading conditions have subsequently retracted their requests, and in some cases, tenants have asked for more space in the centre,” says Elliott.

The China Town concept was originally introduced by Redefine in 2009, when the company developed a shopping centre opposite the Ottery Hypermarket in Cape Town for retailers of mainly Chinese products. A lease for 7,500m² was signed by a Chinese consortium.

Based on the success of the concept, the consortium took up the 6,000m² in Sable Square, which was converted to 50 individual units occupied by Chinese traders catering for the retail and wholesale trade. Goods on offer include clothing, hand bags, jewellery, shoes, toys, food stuffs, fabrics, linen, crockery, electronics, stationery, hardware, motor accessories and spares, and novelties.

Elliott says there is an increase in the number of China Towns in other centres, and although the centre is flourishing, Redefine is committed to creating a positive shopping experience to retain its loyal customers. “Further improvements are in the process of being implemented. An oriental restaurant will be opening soon, and we are looking to cover the main open piazza and convert it into an “oriental garden” with a new children’s play area and Chinese food vendors,” says Elliott.

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